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Unified solution for all your Solar plant monitoring and control needs
Solar kW-MW | Zero Export | DG Sync | Grid | Load | Sensors
Why e-SenZ?
MW plants
4G Ready
WiFi Enabled
Outdoor use
All Sensors
Remote Shutdown
Made in India
Data via API's & FTP
e-SenZ Provides Web API in JSON format
FTP as per Quantom energy specification
FTP as per 50Hertz specification
FTP as per ReConnect specification
FTP Sofware to upload data to IOCL Portal
API as per Kerala State Electricty Board Spec.
Trusted by the most reputed brands in India
Multiple Dashboard to meet all your needs
  • Customer dashboard
  • Admin dashboard
  • Multisystem dashboard
  • Integrator dashboard
What our clients think about us
"We trust e-SenZ for all our rooftop solar power plants, ranging from household installations to large industrial deployments. Its quick installation, lightning fast go-live, and easy-to-read visualization of data have helped us stage a great experience for our customers since 2017."

- Kartikeya Narain Sharma, Director - Growth & Strategy | Sunsure Energy
Weather Station & Sensors
- Pyranometer
- Irradiation Sensor
- Ambient & humidity
- Module Temperature
- Wind Speed & Direction
- Rain Gauge
Multi Function Meter
- Unidirectional/Bidirectional
- RS485 with Modbus RTU Output.
- Class 0.5 | 1.0
- Panel Mount
- IEC 62052-11 IEC 62053-21 IEC 62053-22
   IEC 62053-23.
RS485 Splitter | Repeater
- Connect two masters to same device.
- Change RS485 Baudrate, Parity.
- MODBUS Data filter
- Extend RS485 Range
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